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Welcome to the world's best internet site for a blast into the past with access to high quality full digital online versions of U.S. middle school, high school, college, nursing, military, vocational/trade school, and celebrity yearbooks !!! 

*** Our digital yearbooks feature "page flipping" access with SEARCH and ZOOM capability ***



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Small white star denoting celebrity yearbooks button   U.S. Celebrity Yearbooks by Last name, First name   Small white star denoting celebrity yearbooks button will PAY $$$ to borrow your old yearbook(s) and digitize them to our site, including reimbursement of shipping costs both ways. 

E-mail us to lend your yearbook(s) now or make a request - thank you! also hosts online yearbooks for other organizations at low cost; please e-mail us for more information.





BUY A YEARBOOK RE-PRINT offers a FREE yearbook digitization and archive service to all schools, colleges, alumni associations, historical societies, and genealogy groups if hosting with us! 

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*** We return ALL yearbooks kindly sent to us.  Please BEWARE of some other yearbook and genealogy sites that destroy them before/after scanning.



Yearbooks recently added:


***1967 East Bakersfield High School (Bakersfield, CA) ***1947, 1948 Binghamton North High School (Binghamton, NY) ***1958 Scranton Central High School (Scranton, PA) ***1955, 1956, 1957 Pendleton High School (Pendleton, IN)


We are currently scanning in high school, college, nursing, military, trade, and seminary school yearbooks on a daily basis and are always looking for those we do not have to undergo a full digitization to the site.  If you have any requests for a certain yearbook from any school in any state and cannot find it here, please submit a request and we will do our best to find it and digitize it for you!   







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